Diamond Hollywood non-surgical facelift

Diamond Medilift

Also known as the ‘Hollywood Lift” or ‘Non-Surgical Face lift’

How does is work?

The Diamond Medilift System uses four unique waveform patterns that closely imitate the bodies own muscle messages to give your face a serious workout. These waveforms stimulate your own regenerating ability and restore youthful looks to your face. The complex series of preprogrammed movements firm and tone the muscles in a powerful synergistic way. Each session continues to build increased muscle tone and lift, the muscles which support your face.

By stimulating and strengthening the muscles it also assists the lymphatic’s, (the body’s internal cleansing system) to support the flushing of accumulated toxins and fluids, especially those causing the puffiness and sagging. Increased blood flow nourish skin tissue and encourage healthy circulation. Nerve endings are relaxed helping clear the mind and release stress.

  Hollywood Lift treatment – 75 mins $150

*Recommended Series of 6 weekly treatments $699 (Save $51)


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