Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo – Why Have it Done?

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A recent client whose husband was quite worried about how she would look after having a Cosmetic Eyebrow tattoo. I must admit we had a laugh as we thought of him fretting over her coming home with exaggerated, dark, Mcdonald’s arches. Times have changed and these days there are amazing techniques for beautifully fine hairstrokes, and Feathering for a full 3D effect, and natural mineral pigments, to deliver a beautifully natural result. Thankfully these pigments don’t bleed or change colour as they used to either.

Back to her husband, she emailed me a few days after and guess what? He didn’t even notice she’d had them done!

Time poor?

Most clients come because they’re just sick and tired of applying makeup. They have lost definition, the brows have become patchy and sparse, the lips from sun damage and ageing have lost their colour and outline, and the lashes have become thin, leaving the eyes with no discernable shape. All, or some, of these concerns can be overcome with quality cosmetic tattooing.

You don’t have to be particularly vain or someone who wears a lot of makeup, maybe you just want to naturally enhance your eyes, brows and lips, without having to apply makeup every day. Or you’re active, time-poor, in and out of the water, and just want to look presentable/great all the time.

Investing in looking good is a healthy choice too!

The investment in looking presentable/great can never be underestimated, for self-esteem and/or for your professional appearance in the workplace. Cosmetics have long held an important role in all societys, and can be traced back over 5000 years in ancient Indian texts. There is evidence of highly advanced ideas of self beautification and a large array of various cosmetic usages both by men and women, in ancient India. Many of these practices were subtly interwoven with the seasons (Sanskrit: Rutus) and the normal rituals of life (Sanskrit: Dinacharyā). Significantly, the use of cosmetics was directed not only towards developing an outwardly pleasant and attractive appearance, but towards achieving merit (Sanskrit: Punya), Longevity with good health (Sanskrit: Aayush and Aarogyam) and happiness (Sanskrit: Anandam).

Choose wisely.

Cosmetic Tattoos are a risk, which I would not be prepared to take unless I felt 100% confident in the ability of the Cosmetic Tattoo technician. Communication is the key, interaction is the key and co- operation ensures you are not going to end up with an Eyebrow tattoo that I think you should have, but one that you want! Of course if it’s my expertise in shaping and enhancing you want and you wish to hand it entirely over to me, that’s exactly what I’m here for..

I will outline a shape, using organic pigments and. From there we build, there is no risk of going wrong as we slowly add and layer the colour in.  We can then add individual hair strokes with a machine to create a 3D effect. It’s beautiful!

The Process:

~Health history and Disclaimer

~Patch test and topical anaesthetic applied

~Discuss and design your brow

~Gently outline the shape of the brow – consult and agree on shape

~Shade the brow shape (if shading is necessary)

~Add hair strokes to create a natural effect

Eyebrow tattoo must be done by someone with a natural eye and a natural ear (for listening to you!). The wrong shape can result in unusual expression, can add years, or just look plain odd. Keep in mind the colour is about 30% stronger when you leave than what it will end up, and the touch up appointment is absolutely necessary to fill any slight gaps and add more depth.

To be honest, Eyebrow Tattooing is what I love to do the most. I love to see the face come alive and the enhancement of facial features brings joy to so many clients. My goal is always to listen, go gently and bring my experience, and deliver the result you will love.

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