Permanent Makeup Or Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoos are perfect for people who:


Eyebrows had been shaved off, so needed full reconstruction. i used the Feathering 3D technique.

· Wear makeup every day, or feel “washed out” without it
· Are tired of applying makeup every day and removing it every night
· Need to pencil in eyebrows and have trouble drawing them on
· Have sparse areas in their brows and want to look younger
· Have no brows and want a nice set
· Have pale lips and want more color
· Have unshapely lips and want them symmetrical
· Work out a lot and have problems with smeared makeup
· Have allergies to traditional makeup
· Have had surgery or injuries and want to cover scars
· Have alopecia or vitiligo
· Have lost hair due to chemotherapy
· Are sensitive/have low pain tolerance

There are many more applications for permanent makeup than those listed here. Young and old people of any race or gender can have Natural Permanent Makeup_by_Tara.

Young people often have Cosmetic Tattooing, the most common treatments are:

· A basic eyeliner, very natural, very subtle. Easy to add to for a night out, or go bare for casual, daily wear.
· A soft fill for eyebrows—fill in those missing spots so no one knows you pencil.
· Lip feathering – to enhance fullness in their lips.

Other popular procedures include:

· Eyebrow reconstruction—if you are missing your brows, we can design them just the way you draw them in.
· Moderate eyeliner, so you always look made up in no time.
· Full lip procedures are for people who feel like their lips have disappeared. We can make them appear fuller, younger, and more colorful with a lip procedure.

Men get Cosmetic Tattoos too! The most popular treatments for men are:

· Soft, subtle eyebrow fills—pepper your eyebrows with a bit of natural pigment and you can look ten years younger in just one treatment.

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