Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

Perhaps you’ve thought of enhancing your eyebrows with an Eyebrow Tattoo, but recall seeing some Brow tattoos as unnatural or for some reason they looked out of place. I understand your concerns. Cosmetic Tattoos are a risk, which I would not be prepared to take unless I felt 100% confident in the ability of the Cosmetic Tattoo technician. Communication is the key, interaction is the key and co- operation ensures you are not going to end up with an Eyebrow tattoo that I think you should have, but one that you want! Of course if it’s my expertise in shaping and enhancing you want and you wish to hand it entirely over to me, that’s what I’m here for..11063503_851642181596093_8486004511624873946_n

I will slowly and gently outline the agreed shape. From there we build, there is no risk of going wrong as we slowly add and layer the colour in.  We can then add individual hair strokes with a machine to create a 3D effect.


~Health history and Disclaimer

~Patch test and topical anaesthetic applied

~Discuss and design your brow

~Gently outline of the agreed shape of the brow

~Shade (if 3D) the brow shape

~Add hair strokes to create a natural effect

Eyebrow tattoo must be done by someone with a natural eye and a natural ear (for listening to you!). The wrong shape can result in unusual expression, can add years, or just look plain odd. Keep in mind the colour is about 30% stronger when you leave than what it will end up, and the touch up appointment is absolutely necessary to fill any slight gaps and add more depth.

I love to see the face come alive and the enhancement of facial features brings joy to so many clients. My goal is always to listen, go gently and bring my experience, and deliver the result you will love ~ Tara









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