How is it done?

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I use a combination of the latest Digital and SofTap® methods to apply permanent makeup to facial tissue. Both are highly controlled and very gentle ways to implant permanent colour into the skin.

During the procedure, I use single- use sterile needles with mineral pigment colours. My technique  is gentle, non-invasive, and gives the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. Eyebrows are soft and feathery, lips are luscious and natural, and eyeliner is beautiful.

I have complete control over where pigment is deposited. I build the colour and shape up slowly making it impossible to go wrong or overdo the colour. You can relax and enjoy becoming beautiful knowing that your results will always be perfect. Tara will design your cosmetic tattoo exactly as you want it, down to the tiniest point of colour.

The pigment is applied to sterile needles and implanted under the epidermis, just at the surface of the skin’s dermal layer. This method is very controlled and very efficient.

After implantation, the pigment rests and is covered by the epidermis as the skin heals, giving the pigment a softer look than its initial implantation.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner – top and bottom.

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