Health History – be honest and thorough

~ Are you Pregnant or nursing?  Although there is no evidence cosmetic tattooing affects babies I do not treat during this period.

~Under 18?  Under special circumstances with parental consent.

~On Accutane Retin A?  Topical steriods thin the skin.  Depending on the stage you are at, your skin may be too thin to proceed.  A Doctors note is required.

~Prescription Strength Meds that affect the dermal layer of skin?  No

~Anticoagulates?  Blood Thinners.  Long term use of aspirin, ibuprofen and some herbs reduce clotting times, resulting in increased bleeding and bruising will effect the implantation of pigment & increase healing times.

~Auto-immune disease?  Requires Doctors clearance.

~Diabetic? Insulin Dependant means you are not a candidate as healing is compromised.  A Doctors clearance is required.

~Glaucoma?  You cannot have eyeliner as the pressure of the procedure can be damaging.

~Blood Disorders?  Such as haemophilia, sickle cell anemia and platelet disorders effect implantation of pigment, more treatments usually required.

~Mitral Valve Prolapse, Artificial Heart Valves or Artificial Joints?  If you require prophylactic antibiotics before dental work you will require a Doctors clearance.

~Heart Conditions?  Uncontrolled high blood pressure or poor general health require a Doctors clearance.

~Herpes Simplex?  You MUST have a script for anti-virals for any lip service if you have ever had a coldsore.  You will lose all the colour in the area of cold sores.

~Keloid or hypertrophic scarring?  You have the same risk with permanent makeup.

~Epilepsy, Diabetes, Haemophilia or heart disease all require a Doctors clearance.

You must wait if you have had any eye surgey including lasik, cornea repair & scars for eyelifts/brow lifts need to be 6 months old.

Risks and Contraindications for Cosmetic Tattoos

~Permanent makeup is skin invasive and you may experience some discomfort during the treatment, this varies according to the individuals pain threshold. My experience will minimise the discomfort.

~You skin should return to normal relatively quickly as side effects such as swelling or bruising is generally very mild.

~Allergic reactions are rare.  You may request a skin sensitivity test in an invisible area before to see how your skin reacts.

~Needles inserted too deeply into skin can cause bleeding, spreading of pigment and damage to hair follicles.

~Scarring is very rare.

~With proper hygiene and sterilisation permanent makeup is very safe.  I use disposable needles & casings and all disposable cups.

~It is advisable not to pick or rub the treated area to minimise the risk of uneven results or possible infection.

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