My husband is very impressed with what you have done, an amazing job, and I truly thank you. Thanks also for your patience and the photo, again an amazing job.


Hello Tara,

I am loving my eyebrows. People are asking about them and saying how great they are. I love them. Thankyou so much..



Very pleased!

I’m really pleased with the outcome. Both the colour and the shape are excellent so thank you Tara for a great job.


Saving so much time now!

Allow me to share my tattooing experience with everyone. Having my eyebrows tattooed has been a Life Changing experience for me. I have gone from not leaving my bathroom each day without spending painstaking time to create some form of eyebrows and checking throughout the day/night to ensure they are still intact to someone who has new confidence and a “selfie addict”. Just love those eyebrows. I had the pleasure of having Tara create not only my beautiful eyebrows but also a hint of upper eyelid liner and perfectly lined lips. I can’t thank Tara enough, she is simply the best and as I continue to receive compliments I want to recommend her to all.


Wonderful results and natural looking not to mention natural products. I had my eyebrows and top eye liner done by Tara. I very happy with the results, very professional, clean and would definitely recommend



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